The Lower Brule Trive is proposing a $34 million casino along Interstate 90 near Oacoma.

Rapid City developer Richard Rangel says he envisions the project in two phases, a casino travel plaza followed by an events center, hotel and water park. The tribe has secured a loan for the first phase of the project.

The tribe needs both federal and state approval to proceed with the project.

If the project moves forward, the tribe will move all of its operations to the new casino.  The tribe currently owns and operates the Golden Buffalo Casino.  The new casino would be built on land it controls off of the reservation.

There has not been a referendum vote on the issue, so there is a question as to current and past missing tribal funds from past business deals made with American Taxpayer Appropriations designated for the tribe without the consent of the Department Of Interior, BIA in Washington, DC and the members of the tribe.

The Associated Press and KSFY Television both contributed to this report.