Car show season in the Sioux Falls area is in full swing now and one of my favorite shows is Cars and Coffee. Actually, I wouldn't call it a show but more of an informal gathering of car people of all types.

What makes a Cars and Coffee event unique is the broad range of vehicles that come out. Because there are no age limits or classes, you will see everything.

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Cars and Coffee are great for people like me whose taste in cars is broad. Sure there are your typical over-restored Camaros, Mustangs, and Chevelles that you would find at any show, but they could be sitting next to an import tuner with a rough paint job. Love that variety.

Beginning this year, Cars in Coffee is at a new home, Schulte Subaru. For a list of upcoming dates, check out the Cars and Coffee Facebook page here. 

The weather was great for the event on May 14, 2022. In the gallery below, I tried to capture just a few of the unusual cars or those cars that might not be welcome at a show that is tightly regulated. Enjoy!

Cars and Coffee 5-14-22

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