Carrie Underwood isn't exactly sure what the theme of her family's Halloween costumes were this year, but one thing's for certain: The country star, her husband Mike Fisher and their two kids had lots of fun getting dressed up.

Underwood posted a family photo to document their Halloween look, featuring an adorable pair of costumes on her two sons, 6-year-old Isaiah and 2-year-old Jacob.

While it's certainly clear that all four family members are in the holiday spirit, there's only one truly recognizable costume in the bunch. That's Jacob's who appears to be dressed as one of the characters from the kids' TV show Paw Patrol.

"I'm not sure what 3 out of 4 of us are supposed to be, but HAPPY HALLOWEEN!" the singer writes alongside her post. "Be extra spooky and extra safe out there!"

As for the rest of the family, Isaiah is wearing what appears to be a clown mask, along with a brightly colored costume and spiky blond wig. Underwood is decked out in all black with black-and-white face paint on, suggesting she might either be a spooky cat or perhaps some sort of Halloween ghoul. Meanwhile, Fisher's costume is arguably the lowest in effort: He's wearing a cowboy hat and flannel jacket, along with jeans and boots.

It's no surprise that Underwood is so gung ho about the Halloween holiday: She's a huge fan of horror movies, and Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween are two of her all-time favorites. It seems that she's passed that interest on to at least one of her kids, too. In early 2021, Underwood said that her son Jacob "loves the creepy aspect of things," and that he's a big fan of the Tim Burton film The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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