Carrie Underwood is well known for her epic music videos, and it looks as if the "Cry Pretty" video — the latest in her roster — is going to be yet another jaw-dropping production.

The singer posted to social media a short tease for her upcoming video for new single "Cry Pretty" on Thursday (May 3). All we see is a shower running water, Underwood languishing in a red dress, then walking down a hallway in a fierce pink coat and sunglasses. We then get a glimpse of her, in silhouette, taking the stage to walk purposefully to the mic.

Update: On Sunday night Underwood revealed the full video:

It's all very dramatic, but we would expect nothing less. Underwood has been the topic of intense scrutiny for some months now, after undergoing an accident that caused her to sustain facial injury. She's looking healed and healthy now, but the appetite for all things Carrie has not abated, and a subtle production for this video just simply wouldn't do.

Fans responded on Instagram with breathless comments, ranging from "Chills!" all the way to "I'm gonna die OMG!" We'd say it's safe to assume Underwood's fans are good and ready for this!

There's no word on when the video will be released, just a terse "Coming soon." But everyone will be waiting. Underwood will release her new album, also called Cry Pretty, in September. She debuted a live performance of the single at the 2018 Academy of Country Music Awards in April.

Carrie Looked Amazing at the ACM Awards!


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