Some Sioux Falls homeowners were surprised on Monday night when shortly after they arrived home someone walked into their garage and stole their car.

According to Sioux Falls Public Information Officer Sam Clemens, the homeowners had arrived home on Monday evening and gone into the house. A little bit later they went out to their garage and noticed that the car was gone.

The garage door had been left open and the keys were in the car. Somebody had walked in and stolen the car.

On the way out of the neighborhood, they damaged a couple of other cars that were nearby.

Around 11:30 pm the Sioux Falls Police Department had a report of an accident that happened on the 5100 block of west 45th Street.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The car involved in the accident had left the roadway and struck a deck on an apartment building.

A witness saw two people run from the car. Turns out this was the car that had been stolen.

At approximately 1:45 Tuesday morning the SFPD had another call about people that were checking cars a few blocks away to see if they were unlocked.

Then a little after 2 am Sioux Falls Police Officers found two different people breaking into cars 4600 block of West 39th Street.

Once Police Officers pieced it all together it appears that one of the guys arrested had been driving the stolen car. It however was not clear if he had indeed been the one that stole the vehicle.

The passenger was a juvenile. It wasn't known if the juvenile was aware he was riding in a stolen car.

18-year-old Taijah Jaci Ironhorn was arrested for Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, Hit and Run, Fleeing Police, Resisting Arrest, and Underage Consumption.

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