I already know what you're thinking. Canton is a suburb? When I think of a "suburb" to Sioux Falls, I think Tea, Harrisburg or Brandon. I recently came across an article from Business Insider. Business Insider is usually a very good source of business news and information. This article really disappointed me.

Recently, the website put together a list of the "Best Suburbs in Every State."  They named Canton the best in South Dakota.  Unfortunately, they think Canton is a suburb of Grand Forks, North Dakota. Seriously?  This is a respected business website. The article is written by a woman named Emmie Martin from New York City. Miss Martin may have never been to our fine state, but sheesh, can I introduce you to Google or Wikipedia?

Here's how the "best suburb" was determined in South Dakota. It appears they used information from the website Niche, which studies neighborhoods, schools and colleges.


Cost of living: B+

Public schools: B-

Health and fitness: B

Crime and safety: A-

Diversity: B

Congratulations, Canton!  You'd make a great suburb to Grand Forks, North Dakota. I'm glad they recognized Canton for their quality of life, but the writer really needs to do a little more research.


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