Tyler David sang the song One Bud Wiser live in the KIKN Studio a few months back. One Bud Wiser was written by Aby Gutierrez and Tyler Halverson.

Tyler sent me a few of the songs he had been working on, and one of them was a song called Grace. Now, the wait is over and Grace is here!

I liked all the songs Tyler had sent, but Grace was by far my favorite.

Tyler said his grandma had the typical grandma response when she first heard him sing this song:

 The first time i played it for my family, my grandma asked,
"who is this grace girl? can we meet her?" and every time i say i still haven't found her yet grandma.

Like his grandma I assumed Tyler's new song was about someone in his life so I asked a similar question wondering about the inspiration for Grace.

I wrote it when I wasn't even with anybody. I think its just about finding someone that brings out the best in you and keeps you on track, your saving grace. and another thing I love about this one, is that it talks about a small town girl from the Midwest

To give it a listen or download Tyler David's new single Grace is now available on iTunes app.

If you'd like to see more on Tyler you can check out his Facebook page here.

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