People either love them or hate them.  Peeps are the sugar covered marshmallow treats that always seem to end up in everyone's Easter baskets. They are the first to be eaten if you love em', but often times are the last to go if they are not your favorite.

Either way, lovers or haters of Peeps will find this a treat for the eyes when you watch a .50 caliber round fired through a row of Peeps in slow motion.  Oh...and if you are a hater of the creme filled Cadbury Easter Eggs, watch a .50 caliber round take out a row of those, slow motion.

And if Part 1 wasn't enough of a sweet treat for your eyes, Part 2 lines the Peeps up once again!  But instead of topping it off with Cadbury Creme Eggs...let's see what happens with chocolate bunnies!