We've reached the end of an era in television. This week marked Alex Trebek's final episodes as host of Jeopardy!  before succumbing to pancreatic cancer.

Believe it or not, the popular quiz show has had plenty of questions about the city of Sioux Falls over the years; most recently last January an $800 question popped up that most folks around here would find incredibly easy.

Oddly enough, I actually remember this question fondly. The day the episode aired (January 16, 2020) I happened to be at a hotel bar and restaurant in Sioux Falls. In fact, I was in Sioux Falls for a job interview. For this job to be exact.

I came to town a few days early, as an impending blizzard was heading this way. I got a room at the Holiday Inn downtown, hunkered down as the snow fell and soon found myself at the attached bar and grill downstairs, Falls Landing. 

It was last year's burger battle, so they encouraged me to try it and it was amazing!

As I was sitting at the bar, the bartender, cook, and I were all watching Jeopardy! when all of the sudden, this question was asked on the program:

 This South Dakota city and its beautiful Falls Park are both named for the same landmark

-JEOPARDY! question, 1/16/21

The answer? Sioux Falls, of course!

As soon as the question came on the screen, all of us in the bar erupted in cheers and applause. After all, It's not everyday Sioux Falls lands on the famous television program. In fact, according to this extremely impressive website which tracks Jeopardy! questions and answers, it's only happened around 17 times in the history of the show.

You can see all of the questions here. 

It was one of the cool moments I've had watching a tv show, and maybe a good sign that I'd get the job? Spoiler alert, I did.

Story Source: j-archive.com


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