I am an animal lover, and it drives me absolutely bonkers every time I see a dog riding in the back of somebody's pickup truck speeding down the highway at 80 plus miles per hour.

For that matter, I even get a little pissed when I witness a dog with its head stuck out of a car window cruising down the street.

If you think that's bad, my wife is such a pet safety fanatic she has gone so far as to purchase doggie car seats and doggles for our two Fox Terriers, Jude and Mallory, each time they ride in her convertible.

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It seems like far too many people have little or no regard for basic pet safety. People that allow their animals to ride in the bed of a truck unrestrained while traveling at high speeds probably shouldn't be allowed to own a pet at all.

There are a number of things that can go, and often do, go wrong in a big-time hurry in situations like this.

Your pet could get frightened or see something that excites him or her and instantly jump out of the back of a high-speed moving vehicle, resulting in serious injury or death for poor Fido. Or worse yet, one false move by you, the driver, and your animal is airborne doing its best Wonderdog imitation.

Allowing a pet to ride in the back of a pickup is illegal in many states.

According to Motor and Wheels, here in South Dakota, it is legal for both humans and animals to ride in the bed of a truck without limitations.

However, in my opinion, responsible pet owners should always have their animals secured in proper pet containers or harnesses while traveling in open vehicles.

For your dogs sake and yours, please make sure you know your state's laws before transporting a pet. Just another thought, you may also want to pony up the extra dough on a pet safe kennel for your car or truck.

Source: Motor and Wheels 

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