So can just about anyone of legal age pack heat in South Dakota? What if they don't even live in South Dakota, can they still carry a concealed weapon?

Ya know how in all Western movies everyone carries a six-shooter. South Dakota has kinda gone back to those days.

Lately, Sioux Falls has seen a rash of handguns being stolen from cars and trucks in the city. Apparently, lots of people are packing a piece in their Pickup?

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In 2019 South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem signed a bill into law that says no one needs to go to the trouble of getting a Conceal Carry Permit to pack a loaded gun. Pack 'em if ya got 'em.

There are 3 types of permits available in South Dakota, a regular permit, a gold card permit, and an enhanced permit.

But you don't need any of those to legally carry a sidearm in South Dakota. South Dakota is what is known as a “Permitless Carry State”.

If you are from South Dakota and want to Conceal Carry a handgun in other states there are some that offer Concealed Carry Reciprocity. That's where having one of South Dakota's 3 types of permits might come in handy.

Basically in South Dakota, if you are over 18 and can fog a mirror you can carry a concealed weapon.

There are a few restrictions as to where you can sport your heater in South Dakota.

You can't conceal carry your pocket cannon into a bar or as the law reads ...

“A person may not carry a concealed pistol in any licensed on-sale malt beverage or alcoholic beverage establishment that derives more than half of its total income from the sale of malt or alcoholic beverages.”

Also, you can't carry a gun into public elementary or secondary schools or courthouses.

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