Kip Moore sang "There's somethin' 'bout a truck, In a farmers field."

Joe Diffie crooned "There's something women love about a
pickup man."

Even country music can't decide. What is it? A pickup or a truck?

I was riding with my brother Nelson and I said something like 'nice truck.' He quickly chortled (I love that word) "it's not a truck, it's a pickup. A truck is a bigger rig."

Now, Nelson has trucks. So it's probably easier for him to differentiate between the two, but to me, hell a truck is something you might take a load to the dump in. As in pickup truck.

We thought it best to leave it up to you, and we received many replies on our Facebook page. What do you call it? A Pickup or a Truck ?

For example:

Cody van Tilburg For those of you that don't understand. A pickup has 4 to 6 tires. A truck is that big thing that hauls everything that we as people have in life every day. Most call it a semi, I myself am a (TRUCK DRIVER) we I leave it say I'm going trucking....... pickup is not a truck!

Easy there Cody! I'm picking up (pun intended) what your laying dow but I tend to agree with Jammie,

Jamie Hoffman Call it what you like. I am pretty sure everyone understands what you mean. When I say I drove my truck to work today I am pretty sure nobody was thinking of an 18 wheeler. Truck / pickup? What about the semi/truck/18 wheeler/big rig? Is one name better than the other? To me and to most people (I am guessing) it's all the same. We will know what you are talking about. Really it's what you probably heard growing up and I don't think anyone is wrong.

Christi Collins if a 'pickup' is not a truck then what is a truck? Only big rigs? No....a pickup is a truck. Not sure why you wouldn't think it's a truck. Now an El Camino isn't a's just

I think we'll have to just learn to live together, or try to fit in when you're riding with someone who might see things differently.

And keep on truckin'!  Or Pickup-in!

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