The underwire bra which was introduced 110 years ago, (and hasn't changed much since then) has been the bane of many a large-busted woman! Myself included. It's true that underwires offer lift, support, and a better look, but what they rarely offer is comfort. The underwire pokes you, straps dig into your shoulders and your back aches!

Leave it to a busty gal and her pal who happens to be an industrial designer to take on the problem and come up with a solution. Laura West and Sophia Berman tackled the problem from an engineering viewpoint. They thought about how trusses have held up bridges and roofs forever. So, why not a woman's body?

They began with the hilarious experiment you can watch below, began a Kickstarter campaign, came up with a patent-pending support system and their company Trusst Lingerie is just about ready to launch.

They have 3 prototypes right now which eliminate the underwire altogether. The bras have an under-cup support structure which virtually eliminates back and neck pain. The "truss" system is larger and a bit more noticeable than an underwire at this point, but they are hoping to refine that with the next version of the bra.

So perhaps the days of the "over-the-shoulder boulder holder" and "upper-decker flopper-stopper" will soon be over! Amen!