Apparently, a live buffalo ran wild through a restaurant in an Eastern China restaurant and threw a man across the room with its powerful horns. Folks on social media have been astounded by the scene that quite literally shows a "bull in a China shop" scenario.


Imagine this - you're standing in line, patiently waiting for food at a restaurant. As far as you know, you are alone with just a couple of customers and some restaurant employees. Until you hear someone or something, come through the door.


Before you can turn around to catch a glimpse of who has entered the restaurant, you are flung through the air with the force of a wild animal. As it just so happens, this man got that surprise of a lifetime.


Yes, it seems like a buffalo got loose and decided to take a trip through this eatery in China. The animal waltzed in, threw around some people and chairs, and then calmly exited the building.


See the full video posted to Twitter by @terror_alarm below.

Simply going off of the caption of the post, this is about as close of a real-life "bull in a China shop" scenario that I have ever seen. One report says that the buffalo escaped from a beef shop and that the man who was attacked only sustained injuries to his leg and was receiving treatment.

A wider angle of the scary attack via @trtworld below:

As you can see in the above video, the man who was struck by the animal was assisted by the other gentlemen in order to get him out of the way of more damage. Hopefully, both the man and the animal are in good condition after this crazy scene.

Reactions to the insane video from social media below:

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