It's one of the most peculiar discoveries in Idaho and to this day, there is still no explanation for the gruesome discovery that was made in Buffalo Cave near Dubois, Idaho.

One of the oldest cold cases in Idaho

According to a report from, human remains were discovered "wrapped in burlap" on August 26, 1979, by a family that was out looking for arrowheads of all things in Buffalo Cave.

In 1991, someone exploring the area discovered a "mummified hand" in the cave which then lead authorities to investigate the gruesome discovery. It turns out that the remains belonged to none other than a man named Joseph Henry Loveless and he wasn't so innocent himself.

As a matter of fact, there is more bloodshed here than meets the eye... and it all remains a mystery to this day.

Horrifying Discovery Made In An Idaho Cave Is Still Unexplained

Who was behind the horrific killing of a man that was then cut up into little pieces inside of an Idaho cave? Was he innocent himself?

You can actually read a more in-depth breakdown of the mystery here but I think the real question that we all want the answer to is:

When are we getting a Netflix documentary about it?

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