People will do just about anything to defend something they love, including shooting your neighbor, who just happens to be your best friend, because he handed you the wrong beer.

Witnesses reported to authorities on Saturday, March 7, 2015 that the argument between 64-year old Clarence Sturdivant and 66-year old Walter Merrick began with the two men arguing over who's beer was better.

When Sturdivant asked his friend to hand him one of his favorite Budweiser beers, Merrick instead handed him one of his favorites, a Busch beer.

Sturdivant's anger started to grow and the argument continued to escalate after the 'Busch, not Budweiser' beer hand-off and Merrick eventually pointed a gun at the Bud-man.  Sturdivant then picked up his own gun and shot Merrick in the arm, claiming self-defense.

'Bud-man' Sturdivant was not charged for the gun incident, but was arrested for an unrelated charge.  Merrick was cited for aggravated assault and sustained non-life threatening wounds.

Both men are from Harvey, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans.  No word on if they are still friends or neighbors.

Source:  Huffington Post

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