It's happened to all of  us. You're planning your vacation and you can find things you'll love. You can find things the kids will love. But the problem (oops, I mean challenge) is:

What the heck can you do that everyone will love?

Welcome to one place in South Dakota that everyone has fun at, not to mention learn things, too.

The Children's Museum of South Dakota is located right there, just off I-29, in Brookings. And the name may be just a little misleading because, while it's a Children's Museum, dad and mom (and grandpa and grandma) will have a great time, too!

The museum was established by Dale Larson. He and his wife Pat always believed that play is learning and learning is fun! It was through the Larson Foundation that the Children's Museum of South Dakota was born. You can read the whole interesting story here.

What's all included in the Children's Museum of South Dakota? Well, waaay too much to list here, but all of it includes these ingredients: Imagination, Discovery and Creativity. And there's exhibits and activities for every age group, from toddlers to 'ol Grandpa's and Grandma's.

In other words, the entire family!

Whether it's part of your family vacation, church or school groups, or just a day out with the young 'un's, you can't miss with the Children's Museum of South Dakota.

And finally, don't plan on just dropping in for an hour or so. You're kids will want to spend the day, and so will you!

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