Some of my first memories of music are from the Beach Boys. My uncle Ron had a Pontiac with an 8-track player which was probably holding a Beach Boys tape when you got in. Later on, if you went to the record store and wanted to buy a song you knew you was going to be good you chose The Beach Boys.

So when I heard that the musical genius behind The Beach Boys was coming to the area I jumped!

Monday night my wife and I loaded up in the car and headed south to the Orpheum Theatre in Sioux City. We were glad we did.

We knew Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys was going to be there along with Al Jardine and an all-star crew of amazing musicians. It was a 50 year celebration of his album Pet Sounds.  If you were there you know they did not disappoint.

Aided by fellow bandmate Al Jardine, he covered everything from “California Girls” to “Little Deuce Coupe” to “Surfer Girl” in the first act. Guitarist Blondie Chaplin did three Beach Boys songs (including “Sail On, Sailor,” which prompted an early exit for Wilson); Jardine sang lead on several, including his “California Saga.” And a band member Wilson identified just as “Casey” (later we learned his last name is McDonough) got lead on two of the classics.

If you haven't been to the Orpheum Theatre in Sioux City you owe yourself a trip. It's a step back in time and every seat in the house makes you feel like you're right there with the band.

When you think of The Beach Boys, you might think of simple songs like "Barbara Ann." But if you listen close to most of the music you realize that the music was built on melody with intricate harmonies and all perfectly executed by world class musicians. It was a heck of a show and I'm still smiling when I think about it.

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