Brett Young and his wife Taylor will be bringing home a baby girl later this year. The "Here Tonight" singer and former college baseball pitcher used a bat and loaded ball to reveal the sex of their first child.

Taylor threw an underhand slow ball high and inside but the 38-year-old Young had no trouble getting the head of the bat on it for a line drive. Pink dust exploded from the ball, making it clear the couple is having a baby girl. Most of the video is in slow motion so viewers only get to see them (slowly) reacting but not quite celebrating like new parents tend to do.

Young and Taylor shared that they were expecting in early fall just prior to the 2019 ACM Awards in Las Vegas. He made it clear that starting a family was something they wanted to do quickly after getting married in November.

“We have always shared the same heart for wanting a family,” Young told People. “I love knowing that we get to give this little one an amazing life, and I just can’t wait for the future ahead of us as a family. We are so blessed!”

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Mills revealed that she took the pregnancy test during a Superbowl trip in February. They were having fun when she took it on a whim and got the good news.

Young is currently on Kelsea Ballerini's Miss Me More Tour. His new Ticket to L.A. album was released in December. He's slated to play the 2019 Taste of Country Music Festival in Hunter, N.Y. in June.

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