Brett Young is still working on his second album, blending heartbreak songs with positivity to give fans something that shows where he is right now.

Fans will get to see a new side of the singer when the project (which is more than halfway done) is released, as many of the songs will share Young's feelings about his fiancee, Taylor Mills. While his self-titled debut album is comprised mainly of ballads, Young says that the follow-up album is more upbeat, incorporating his appreciation for soul and R&B music.

"Sonically, the feel is much more peppy and uptempo, which totally reflects the place I'm at in my life," he tells Taste of Country at Country Jam 2018.

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Young proposed to Mills in February of 2018, at the Graduate Hotel in Mississippi near his alma mater of Ole Miss. Though optimism is a theme of his next album, he's not abandoning his gift for capturing pain in song.

"I wanted to make sure that there was just as much heartbreak as there was love songs on the second record because not everybody's going through the same thing as me all the time and I want to be able to connect with everybody," says Young, who sees value in songs that stem from heartache, knowing that it all contributes to one's journey in life.

"I think everybody on their way to their person has way more heartbreak stories than they do happily ever afters. That's part of the journey, and I think it's important to tell those stories too," he explains. "The second record's definitely going to have a lot more happy, peppy stuff on it, but that's part of my journey. I like reconnecting with those old memories and having a good cathartic cry every once in a while."

"Mercy," which is currently sitting inside the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, is the fourth and final single off Brett Young. He hints that we could hear a single off the new album as summer 2018 comes to a close.

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