It's pretty easy to understand how Brett Young's wife Taylor inspired his song "Lady" — that track is an ode to the caliber of woman she is. However, the happily married Young recently revealed that his wife of three years also inspired his latest breakup song "You Didn't."

Young admits he had to dig deep to find the lyrics for this song. In fact, he and his co-writers, Ashley Gorley, Jon Nite and Jimmy Robbins, all had to dig deep, as all four are in happy relationships.

"When we had the idea and we all were excited about writing this concept, we all needed to take kind of a moment of silence and go back somewhere," Young recalls (via his label). "I never stopped and asked the guys where they went. The interesting thing for me is that me and Taylor, my wife, were broken up for two years and then got back together. The most painful break up I ever went through was when I broke up with her, and so that’s where I went when we wrote this one."

Pulling out pain from a real-life experience is nothing new for a songwriter. However, revisiting the pain you felt from a breakup with the person you're currently married to was definitely new.

"I’ve written breakup songs about my wife when we were broken up, but this is the first time I’ve written a breakup song about my wife when we’re back together and everything’s good,” he confesses.

Due to the song's authenticity, it's a little surprising Young enlisted the help of his bride for the music video. Knowing the couple's history and that they were reliving a real, hurtful experience makes the video feel much more raw.

The Youngs were married on Nov. 2, 2018 and now have two young daughters, Presley Elizabeth, 2, and Rowan Marie, 9 months.

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