Easter is the biggest day on the Christian calendar. Without the resection of Jesus Christ, there is no Christianity.

But over the years the way we celebrate this important holiday has blended the importance of the remembrance of what Christ did for us and stark commercialism.

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We spend a lot on the Easter holiday celebration. Here is a breakdown of some of the facts and stats from Wallethub:

  • $21.6 Billion: Total Easter-related spending expected in 2021 ($180 per person celebrating).
  • $3 Billion projected to be spent on candy this year.
  • $3.7 Billion will be spent on gifts.
  • $49,000: Price of the world’s most expensive chocolate Easter bunny.
  • 180 Million Eggs are purchased for Easter
  • 78%: Share of people who eat chocolate bunnies’ ears first.
  • 60%: Share of parents who plan on sending Easter baskets to their children after they’ve moved out.
  • 66% of Parent will make Easter Baskets for their kids
  • 92% Of Easter Baskets will include chocolate or candy
  • 60% Of Parents say they carried on an Easter Tradition from their childhood
  • 59% Of people plan to cook an Easter meal
  • 44% Plan to visit family and friends on Easter Sunday

Top Family Easter Activities:

  • Making Easter Dinner 53%
  • Easter Egg Hunt 52%
  • Eating Candy 50%
  • Taking Family Photos 46%
  • Dyeing Eggs 42%
  • Making Gift Baskets 42%

The Most Popular Easter Basket Items:

  • Chocolate Bunnies 58%
  • Individually Wrapped Candy 48%
  • Arts and Crafts 40%
  • Loose, Chewy Candy 40%
  • Bunny and Other Stuffed Animals 39%

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