Brad Paisley has released a video for the title song of his new album,  Love and War, that calls attention to the plight of U.S. veterans.

Paisley collaborated with legendary Creedence Clearwater Revival singer-guitarist John Fogerty on the track, which excoriates the treatment veterans receive after serving their country.

“They call ’em decorated heroes / And pin some medals on their chest / Give ’em a tiny little pension / Could we do much less?” the song demands.

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Paisley shared the video to Facebook, calling the song "One of the more important things I've ever said," adding, "I'm so honored to say it with John Fogerty."

Paisley and Fogerty split the vocal duties in the choruses, singing, "They say all is fair in love and war / But that ain't true, it's wrong / They ship you out to die for us / Forget about you when you don't."

They shot the video around San Diego, a very active military town, hoping to call attention to the plight of veterans and honor their service. While Paisley admits to Rolling Stone Country that the song is a "scathing indictment" of the Veterans Administration, he had no qualms about the song.

"Who could possibly disagree with this? I don't feel like I'm out on some limb," he says. "Everybody from John McCain to Jon Stewart, we all feel this. Somebody has dropped the ball. You don't always know you're right. I know we're right on this."

Paisley collaborated with a number of famous friends on Love and War, which he released on Friday (April 21). In addition to Fogerty, he worked with Mick Jagger, Bill Anderson and Timbaland, and he even collaborated posthumously with Johnny Cash on a song titled "Gold All Over the Ground," a "magical" experience he calls “absolutely one of the most meaningful things I’ve ever had the privilege of being a part of."

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