A New Jersey girl made her first appearance on her school's boys' basketball team this past weekend - and she ended up scoring four points.

What put the wheels in motion was when Saint Theresa's School in Kenilworth, New Jersey decided to do away with all girls athletics.

Sydney Phillips had been an up and coming basketball star on the girls team, but when the school decided to pull the plug on the program that's when her parents filed a lawsuit.

All they wanted was that Sydney be allowed to compete for a spot on the boys' team. And after both sides pleaded their case, the courts ruled, yes, she should be given a shot.

Now she's on the team - and she scored twice in her first game out.

"I think I did fine. I had 22% of the points, so that's good."

Even the coach of the opposing team said after the game that he was very impressed with her aggressiveness.

"For a girl being that aggressive on a basketball team, I was really impressed."

Just a thought here, but with the declining enrollments in many of the smaller school districts across South Dakota, maybe this is something the state should consider.

Not only would you be able to save money in the long run - by supporting one team instead of two - but perhaps it would offer the smaller districts a "life line" if you will.

Ask anyone who sends their kids to a small school district and they'll tell you how hard it is to field a competitive team when enrollment is declining year after year.

Yes, I realize what I'm proposing is probably nothing more than a pipe dream (given how we don't like to step out our comfort zone here in South Dakota). But maybe it could work.

If it ever came down to having to decide to shut the doors in some of the smaller school districts or looking for unique ways to save money, maybe this could be the saving grace.

Just an idea - just thinking outside the box.

Source: ABC News Radio

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