If you donated to the GoFundMe campaign to help pay for a wall along the United States / Mexico border, you'll soon see a refund on your card or in your bank account - that is, unless you redirect your contribution back to the cause.

The GoFundMe campaign to raise money for President Trump's border wall has run into a problem. When he started the GoFundMe page, Florida military veteran Brian Kolfage had a simple goal - to raise a billion dollars to go towards the southern border barrier. But the billion-dollar target was missed and designating private funds for a public project is difficult, at best. So, GoFundMe has decided to refund the $20-million donated so far.

Kolfage is now asking contributors to click the link on the GoFundMe page, which re-directs the money to his new foundation. The catch this time is you need to opt-in so that your donation counts. His hope is to eventually raise enough money to build a wall on private land along the United States / Mexico border.

Source: ABC Radio News

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