You might call the 8 or so inches of fluffy white snow we picked up this past week pretty. Early Saturday morning Sioux Falls picked up another 2 or so inches of 'light fluffy snow.' Now, according to the weather experts, it's about to get ready to blow around.

This is a huge wind event. From North Texas to Central Minnesota the nations mid section is getting ready for a good old fashioned blizzard.

According to The National Weather Service;

Frequent ground blizzard conditions are expected across the eastern portions of the region today, as winds of 35 to 50+ mph continue well into the afternoon. Significant drifting snow may make travel impossible in some areas. Lower portions of the Interstate 29 corridor may not see widespread whiteout conditions, but significant impacts with periods of very low visibility and widespread drifting snow are still expected, especially in open areas. Conditions gradually improve west of Interstate 29, but areas of blowing and drifting snow will still make travel dangerous in open areas.

I went to the gym early Sunday morning, after I had to shovel a path to get out of the garage. Winds in Sioux Falls are out of the West-North West and howling this morning. Conditions are good in town, it's out in the rural areas you have to have your thinking cap on.

Here is still a good rule of thumb. A cell phone with a dead battery wont do you much good. A good winter jacket, stocking cap and gloves and a blanket to keep your feet warm will go a long way while you're waiting for someone to figure out where you might be. Be a good Cub Scout and respect your Elders. Especially when her name is Mother Nature.


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