Blake Shelton may have well just pulled a fire alarm, because Wednesday morning's tweet about "karma" has everyone's attention.

This tweet (and two subsequent retweets) have his followers speculating that he's responding to reports that his ex-wife Miranda Lambert is dating the Turnpike Troubadours' Evan Felker. Us Weekly cites unnamed sources who claim she was still with Anderson East when the romance blossomed and they indicate Felker was still married (divorce papers were filed in February).

At last check Shelton was still in a happy relationship with Gwen Stefani, whom he began dating shortly after he and Lambert divorced in July 2015. On Tuesday night, he appeared live on The Voice.

Given the lack of explanation, we have some questions after Shelton's tweet:

1. WTF?

Shelton woke up and dropped a Twitter bomb on Wednesday. No one knows for sure what he's referring to, or when the fallout will take place. Or did it already?

2. Is Blake Shelton talking about ... Ooohhh!

Most of the replies to his tweet assume that Shelton is referencing his marriage to, and divorce from, Lambert. For now, that's only speculation. Taste of Country has reached out to Shelton's team for more information.

3. What is he suggesting, anyway?

Any speculation of infidelity in the Shelton/Lambert marriage has been just that — speculation. His tweet takes it a bit further in the realm of possibility.


4. Is this really 'karma,' though?

Karma would be if Anderson East cheated on Lambert. Is he telling us that's what happened?

5. Does Blake Shelton understand karma like Alanis Morissette understands irony?

When it rains on your wedding day — as the mid-'90s smash hit goes — that's not ironic, but just bad luck. It's likely Shelton knows something we don't, but it's also worth considering that he simply misused the word 'karma' here.

6. Where's the popcorn? We’re gonna need some popcorn for this day!

There is a juicy country gossip factor to all of this that we just can't turn away from.

7. Could this be related to something other than the Miranda Lambert dating rumors happening right now?

Let's be fair: What happened on The Voice this week? Shelton has previously sounded off about the show's record label partners not living up to their end of the bargain. Maybe there was a shift? He is also dating someone who is rumored to have split from a husband because he cheated. There are other possibilities worth considering, people!

8. No, serious question: What else could it be?

Shelton's a savvy Twitter user. He knows how what he says will be interpreted.

9. When is Miranda Lambert's next concert?

She lets details of her personal life leak out onstage, but she's not set to play until a June 2 show in Durant, Okla. She has shows scheduled throughout June including a stop at Country Jam Colorado. Shelton is busy with the live shows on The Voice.

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