Over the years of working on Kickin' Country here in Sioux Falls, I can honestly say that some of my favorite songs, of all time that I've played on the radio are from BlackHawk. Simply stated, I am a fan. Now, I hear they are coming to Sioux Falls and that pumps me up.

See BlackHawk at The Alliance in Sioux Falls Thursday, November 18th at 7:30 PM.

I think I was working in Omaha at the time Goodbye Says it all came out. Still a Jam!  I love the 'tinkle in' on Every Once in a While. It seldom rains when their song 'Sure Can Smell the Rain comes to my mind and I have fond memories of painting my parents' house listening to That's Just About Right. It's still one of my favorites;

Your blue might be gray, your less might be more
Your window to the world might be your own front door
Your shiniest day might come in the middle of the night
That's just about right

Get your tickets to see BlackHawk right here!  Or you can listen to The New 99-1 and 100.5 to win your way in too! It should be a fun evening, with lots of memories! Looking forward to BlackHawk at The Alliance here in Sioux Falls!

Tickets are on sale now.

Oh, and every year, since 1997 I've played Postmarked Birmingham on, or near the 22nd of April. If you need to be reminded why I would do that, check the song out!

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