Billy Currington isn't one to let the niceties of summer go to waste, and the country singer has appealed to the season's hallmarks in the past. Still, on his new song "Seaside," Currington takes a soothing dip in the ocean and turns it into a vivid summer anthem sure to have listeners buzzing.

It might be the most evocative number the musician has yet committed to tape. Composed by Currington with co-writers Jordan Schmidt and Steven Lee Olson, "Seaside" gives off a laid-back groove while conjuring images of a loved one waist-deep in water that's as clear as the tune's halcyon hook.

Released July 3, Currington uses the song's refrain to paint a picture of oceangoing intrigue: "I can see you seaside, runnin' round with a rum runner / Hair down, wearin' nothin' but the summer / I can see that sunshine layin' its tan on you / I can see the moonlight, like a spotlight down on you."

It should be no surprise for longtime listeners that Currington can reel off a prospective smash that sounds as effortless as it does urgent. After all, the singer's got a total of eleven No. 1 country hits under his belt — from 2005's "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right" to 2016's "Do I Make You Wanna."

Currington's most recent studio album, the RIAA Gold-certified Summer Forever, emerged from the water five years ago. Does the appearance of "Seaside" point to a new album? Maybe we'll know more soon. For now, listeners have this refreshing new tune to help pass the hot summer days.

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