If you already own a bicycle, it's easy to get outside to enjoy some fresh air and exercise during the global COVID-19 pandemic.  However, if you are hoping to purchase a new bike, you may have a problem trying to find one.

According to a story from Good Morning America, the demand for a bicycle is rising throughout the country.  Experts are calling it the "Bike Spike."  The reason behind this sudden need is because people want to get out of their house while finding safe ways to practice social distancing guidelines.  Another key explanation for this bike surge is that more people are using their bikes as a primary method of transportation and not just recreation.  Utilizing their bikes for transportation needs also enables individuals to limit their exposure to the virus by not using public transportation services, like buses.

A recent article from the NPD Group shows that nationally, children's bike sales are up 59%, commuter bikes are up 66%, and leisure bikes are up 121%.  This Bike Spike is affecting a lot of local businesses in Sioux Falls, including Spoke-N-Sport

Dakota News Now is reporting that the local bike shop has been busy since the middle of March. Spoke-N-Sport Owner Chad Pickard tells Dakota News Now, "With gyms closed, with sports events being postponed everyone's looking for other ways to get outside and be active and cycling is one of the ways they’ve done that.”

Now that more people are riding bikes to get from place to place, bike maintenance appointments are another hot commodity to come by.  This is due to people restoring their old bikes.  According to Pickard, he says their service requests at Spoke-N-Sport have nearly doubled.

It is still possible to get a bike in the Sioux Empire, but patience is a virtue.  ”Our vendors and our distributors are running low. We do have bikes right now and we have more coming in, but we are low and so some people are having to wait a week or two to get a bike,” explains Pickard to Dakota News Now.

The hope for most bike retailers is for people to continue to ride their bikes once the pandemic is over.

Do you need a new path to ride your bike along?  Click here to check out all the bike trails that Sioux Falls has to offer.

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