There are some very scientific ways to measure the strength of a tornado. A new ranking attempts to combine some major factors to determine the strongest twisters Missouri has seen in the past decade. The biggest of them all was a 1,800 foot wide beast.

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The Enhanced Fujita Scale is the most familiar way you'll hear when a meteorologist is telling you the strength of a tornado, but there are other things to consider also. The length of time the tornado was on the ground, the amount of damage it caused and the width of the damage path has to be measured also.

Max Olson Chasing via YouTube
Max Olson Chasing via YouTube

Stacker compiled the list of what they call the "biggest" tornadoes in Missouri over the past 10 years.  At the top of their list is a huge tornado that dropped from the sky the night of December 10, 2021. It was 1,800 feet wide at its apex and rated an EF-4 by the National Weather Service. Wind speed clocked between 166 mph and 200 mph that night in Missouri.

It would sadly be a killer tornado, too. 2 deaths were directly connected to that twister and 1 indirectly. The cost of that twister topped $2.8 million dollars and it stayed on the ground for nearly 18 miles.

What began as a violent night in Missouri would continue as an even more tragic one in Mayfield, Kentucky as another long-track tornado would bring death and destruction to that small town.

Missouri has seen even worst tornadoes obviously if you go back to 1925 and the Tri-State Tornado and Joplin in 2011. But, for the past decade, the worst was December 10, 2021. Let's hope we don't relive that kind of killer storm again anytime soon.

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