What would you do if your kid's birthday cake order got messed up? What is a birthday party without cake?

Well, one Oklahoma mom thought she had the best idea to cover the cake mess up. She hired Cinnamon, Mrs. Bigfoot, to come to the party instead. No one is going to think about a missing cake with Bigfoot there, right?

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Well, her intentions may have been good. This mom thought it would be cute and fun. But, when Cinnamon showed up, it was anything but cute and fun.

The kids ran away screaming and crying. They were not fooled by the balloons and tutu! They saw Bigfoot and ran!

All is well that ends well, though. By the end of the party, the kids were hugging and even posing for pictures with Cinnamon.

However, the kids still said they never wanted to see her again.

I don't blame them and I would still want cake.

Cinnamon has an official Facebook page if you would like to check her out.

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