Every once in a while we get a chance to help out local families here in Kickin' Country. The other day Trav asked, "you know that gal who sent us a picture of her 4-H heifer that had Kickin' wrote on it?" I said yes. He said, "her mom is having some medical issues is there something we could do?"

Trav has a story up on the Harriman family and the problems they are facing.  

We talked a bit, and decided that we have a pair of Tim and Faith tickets we would like to put to good use.

We're going to auction off this pair of tickets on Monday, May 22 from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM. We'll be taking bids on air, but the only way for you to put in a bid on the tickets or to hear what the current bid is at, is to call.

Our phone number is (605) 361-8000 or toll free at (800) 201-5456.

We will take bids over the phone and to keep things simple we'll increase the bid a minimum of $25 each bid.

Start the bidding out Monday morning at 10:00 AM with Trav and I'll award the tickets to the high bidder at 4:00 PM.

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