We asked you to tell us what the best restaurant in Sioux Falls and boy did you. With over 1,600 votes on over 130 different restaurants of all kinds.

Last year, Grille 26 was crowned the Best Restaurant in Sioux Falls thanks to our listeners. Among other past winners are Crawford's Bar & Grill and Minervas Restaurant in downtown Sioux Falls.

Now, in previous years we have limited the nominations to just local and non-chain restaurants. But we didn't feel that was fair. Just because it is one of many restaurants, doesn't mean it isn't a good restaurant. And let's face it, sometimes our favorite restaurant is one that has numerous locations.

In addition, this year we decided to include not only sit down restaurants but fast food and takeout restaurants as well. Again, just because you might only sit down for 20 minutes doesn't mean they don't serve great food.

So who is the best restaurant in Sioux Falls? Drum roll, please!

Here are the Top 10 Best Restaurants as Voted by Results Radio Listeners!

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Sioux Falls


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