The town had a couple hundred people or so and the school had 2 rooms. The 'Little Room' held 4 grades and the 'Big Room' held 4 grades. The difference was, the big kids were in the big room. As Spock would say, 'Logical'.

No, this wasn't back in the 'Little House On The Prairie Days'. We didn't have Pa Ingalls and we didn't have Harriet Olsen. But we did have Mrs. Gunnink and we did have bus driver Jake. 6 kids or so to a grade and a blackboard that seemed to always have my name in the corner with a chalk mark or two beside it. It was, oh, maybe 1962 or 1964. It was for sure 1963 because I can still see Mrs. Gunnink come into that 'little room' and tell us the President had been shot.

Noontime was lunch pails and laughter. Maybe a pick-up kind of softball or basketball game. And if memory serves (and sometimes it doesn't), often it would be Red Rover, Red Rover'.

'Red Rover, Red Rover' is perhaps a dying 'art form' now, what with the advent of technology and video games. Our 'technology' was hands clasped together, 3 or 4 or 5 of us. Stretch out and then yell 'Red Rover, Red Rover, send Wayne on over'! Or maybe Vernon or Craig or Lon, could be LeRoy or Ivan, Gene or Diane or Eloyce. Or...pick a name, we all got our turn to try and break that human hand chain.

A simple game? I suppose and maybe a simpler time. I love seeing kids outside, winter or summer, spring or fall. What are they doing? Running, jumping, laughing and maybe scraping a knee and elbow.

Or maybe somewhere...playing 'Red Rover, Red Rover'. And hearing their teacher yelling 'Be careful!' Oh sure, we'll be careful.

Oh by the way, need a lesson or maybe a memory refresher? Check out the video below and get ready to be 'Sent on over'!

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