We have unique temperature extremes in South Dakota. In the dead of winter our temps will drop way down into the double digits below zero and in the summer triple digit heat is common.

These extremes can be tough on us humans but they are also tough on our vehicles. Interior temperatures in our vehicles skyrocket in a short time when parked in the hot summer sun.

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How can you have a cooler interior when you need to drive your vehicle? One of the best ways is to keep the vehicle out of the sun. That means parking it in a garage or other type of protective covering that provides shade, but that isn't always an option.

Here are a few tips that could help cool down your interior while it's baking under the South Dakota summer sun.

Use a windshield shade. A simple accordion-style windshield shade can be unsightly to some people but it can lower the interior temperatures. The type with a foil covering can better help reflect the sun than a cardboard version.

Cover your interior. This is a handy tip especially if your car has a dark interior or when you have to sit on scorching hot leather seats while wearing shorts. Use some blankets and cover the dashboard and seats.

Tint your windows. Not only do tinted windows provide a level of privacy, but they can also reduce interior temperatures.

Crack your side windows and/or sunroof. There is a debate about this tip. Doing this can create airflow that may reduce interior temperatures by 10 degrees in the short term. However, studies have shown that after about 60 minutes the interior temperature will eventually match the outside. Not to mention that leaving windows down can make your vehicle a potential target for thieves and pop-up rainstorms.

In my opinion, the most effective way to cool down your vehicle's interior quickly is to use a remote car starter. Run the car a few minutes before you leave and let the A/C work to quickly cool the interior down for you.

Short of parking in a garage or using a remote starter, there isn't a definitive way to keep an interior from cooking in the blazing heat. Knowing this, please don't leave pets or kids in a hot car. Every summer we hear news of a pet or child who perishes in a hot car when that tragedy could have been easily avoided.

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