As Sioux Falls and the surrounding area crawls out from underneath yet another April ice and snowstorm, a number of the city parks in Sioux Falls are returning to normal too.

On Friday, (April 12) several more Sioux Falls city parks and bike trail systems opened back up for business.

As of Friday, here is a list of the city parks that have now reopened:

• Falls Park
• Cherry Rock Park
• Lower Tuthill Park
• Downtown Greenway
• Riverdale Park
• Tomar Park
• Fawick Park
• Pasley Park
• Dunham Park
• Legacy Park

KSFY TV is reporting the greater majority of the bike trail system here in Sioux Falls is once again open. However, there are still a few parks and bike trails that remain closed, due to the fact that more work needs to be done to clean up areas impacted by recent flooding.

The parks that are still closed are:

• Lein Park
• Norlin Greenway
• Yankton Trail Park
• Rotary Park
• Spencer Park
• Farm Field

According to KSFY, the bike trail system in areas between Western Avenue and South Cliff Avenue near Spencer Park is also still closed at this time. The segments of the bike trails still shutdown, will reopen as river levels recede enough to allow crews to safely complete the required cleanup procedures.

KSFY also reports the restrooms at the Fall Park Visitor Center have now reopened. But due to continued flooding, park restrooms along the bike trail system have not reopened.

To help, the city has established a series of temporary restrooms that are located throughout the bike trail system.

Residents can keep tabs on the status of the city parks, and bike trails systems still closed throughout the Sioux Empire here.

Source: KSFY TV

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