You're a Baby Boomer and just up ahead is a signpost.

It won't be long and you'll be leaving the 'work' interstate for the 'retire' highway (or maybe you're more of a nice, slow gravel road kind of person).

Wow, seems like just a few months ago you got that first job, the 'real' one where you were making it on your own. Just a couple months ago you got married and had those kids. A month back you still had a long, long way to go before you became an 'old fogey'. And as far as retirement, well...that was way off in the distance somewhere.

Ahem. Here you are. It's pert near time.

So where the heck is a great place to retire?

That, of course, is different for each and every one of you. There's a plethora of things to consider, things like family, likes and dislikes, geography, weather, and on and on and on.

Oh, and funds. Always funds.

So with all that being said, there's no perfect place that someone else can decided for you. But you might take a few general things into consideration.

Wallethub analyzed things like affordability, activities, quality of life and health care and came up with what they say are the best places to enjoy retirement in the United States. And while Florida and Arizona not surprisingly were at the peak of the list, Sioux Falls landed in the Top Twenty nationally and Rapid City did real good as well.

So if you're fortunate enough to have family in South Dakota (and you get along with them OK!), it's not a bad idea to settle on in to the greatest state in the nation and enjoy those golden years.