Today I strongly advise you to bite your pride when a negative situation just pops up at you out of nowhere. Just avoid it and move away quickly.

I'm talking about someone tailgating you or cutting you off in traffic. I'm talking about a stranger approaching you or maybe walking across your property.

Or someone complaining about your dog of their dog annoying you. Avoid any type of confrontation under all circumstances because you don't know who you're dealing with.

Maybe it's hard to bite your pride and you want to stand your ground. Perhaps you've always been a person that nobody pushes around. But, It's simply not worth it anymore.

We are living in a society, especially here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, that's very diverse when it comes to people's intentions and what they are capable of anymore.

It is a fact that Sioux Falls is dangerous. And all situations, no matter where, can escalate real fast and go out of hand.

There are too many stories of guns, knives and other forms of weapons coming out. Plus what can start out as you and one other person can turn into a whole group of trouble.

They can even return to your location later on. This is all good reason to back down and move completely away from the situation and live another day.

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