Some people make it their life's work to help others in any way they can. Lousie Lewis is one of these people and has made it her life's mission to help raise money and save lifes.

She has dedicated 10 years of her life to writing a book entitled The Meaning of Life According to Bikers, in order to help get the voices of the motorcycle community heard and show the 'good side of riders.'

"The Meaning of Life According to Bikers is a biker book for charity. Motorcycle riders from all walks of life from Main Street to Wall Street, Hollywood to Washington, D.C.― are invited to peel back their "badass" masks and answer one simple question: what is the meaning of life?"

The proceeds of the book's sales are donated to children's charities. If Lousie is invited to donate her time and services she also helps other groups sell these books to help raise money for charities of their choice.

Today Losie Lewis will be in The Sioux Empire at J&L Harley-Davidson located at 2601 W. 60th Street North, Sioux Falls, SD.

She is presenting Sandford Children's Hospital with a check on behalf of The Meaning of Life According to Bikers; according to a recent press release at 4:00 pm today, August 14.

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