After being credited with saving more than 2-million babies, the guy in Australia know as 'the man with the golden arm' has decided it's time to retire.

After spending the better part of his life donating blood to fetuses in need, 81 year old James Harrison has made his final trip to the blood donation center.

It all started when Harrison needed a blood transfusion as a teenager - and he's been donating ever since. His blood contains a rare antibody that helps fetuses who have an opposite blood type than that of their mother.

The Australian Red Cross estimates that over the last half century his blood donations have saved more than two million babies.

When asked about his un-selfish act all these years he said, "I'm told I've saved a lot of lives and brought a lot of kids into the world. That's make me feel good."

On his way out, after making his final donation, Harrison was greeted with plenty of hugs and well-wishes from those who've become like family to him over the years.

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