Maybe you look for slow moving vehicles out in the country. You could just drive slowly and look for creeper tracks in the gravel. You know, the tracks that show up when a car or pickup is driving slowly. That might be your first tip off to an asparagus patch in the area.

If your lucky enough to be out on the farm, chances are you've scooped it out from years before. If you're real lucky, maybe Grandpa or Grandma know some of the hot spots where Asparagus grows.

But why is Asparagus the world's funniest vegetable? It's most likely the only one that makes your pee smell funny. Yes, it's rather sophomoric to say it's funny, but to me it is. According to Wikepedia;

The smell has been reported to be detectable 15 to 30 minutes after ingestion.

It's crazy how the smell can appear so quickly. Even more bizarre, it is said that some people are not able to smell, that smell. Those people are probably the same ones that can't twist their tongue into a U Shape.

My first introduction to Asparagus what that, in a can. Not the best way to introduce a youngster to a new vegetable. Times change, though and tastes follow along. Now it's a delicacy at our house. Even with the short term odor.

How about you? Have you been out picking? Have you been out looking? If you are, remember that those barbwire fences are there for a reason and stay on the right side of the fence.

And happy hunting.


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