Kids do love their video games. And I mean kids that are little and kids that, well, aren't kids anymore.

But I'm talking about the young 'un's, those that are eight to eleven. Maybe you have one or two in that age.

I'm an old enough fella to remember when my folks would restrict how much TV I could watch. Remember that? 'Uh-huh, off the the TV and go outside'.

So what about the 'screens' kids have these days? How much is too much?

Well, you could be dumbing down that kid of yours if he or she spends more than two hours a day in front of that screen, whether a computer, video game, social media or whatever you want to call it. (Think 'boob-tube' for the 21st century).

According to Lancet Child & Adolescent Health your children that spend more than a couple hours a day in front of a screen perform worse on memory, language and thinking tests. They studied over 4,500 of the age group.

They reported that the kids in the study spent, on average, 3.6 hours looking (maybe staring?) at a screen. Based on other factors as well, they came up with the two hour mark as plenty enough for a child to be 'on a screen' per day. More than that? Harmful.

So maybe pull the plug on that screen (Oh wait, there's not a plug maybe like there was on the old black-and-white) and send them outside for some non-tech activity.

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