Over the past couple of years, we've all endured more than our fair share of shortages.

And while nobody likes to run low on things like toilet paper and wipes, those aren't the kinds of things you'll get too emotional about.

But this potential shortage might.

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TOP Data is raising the possibility of a beer shortage this fall.

It's a good old-fashioned supply and demand thing. Their research shows that beer consumption in America went up 25% during COVID and increased a staggering 53 percent in 2022.

The average adult in the U.S. now drinks 28.2 gallons of beer each year.

So with more and more beer being consumed, beer makers have got to keep up and that's been a problem thanks to a carbon dioxide problem.

Forbes is reporting that many breweries have had difficulty finding CO2 due to supply chain problems related to the pandemic, and on top of that, there's a carbon dioxide pollution problem in Mississippi which could hurt beer production even more.

But it's not just here. Breweries in the U.K. and New Zealand have reported similar shortages in the global beer market.

So with a potential shortage looming, you might want to stock up on your favorites before it's too late.

Here are the go-to picks in the Tri-State Area, according to TOP Data.


  1. Budweiser
  2. Bud Light
  3. Crow Peak
  4. Pabst Bule Ribbon
  5. Coors Light


  1. Budweiser
  2. Toppling Goliath
  3. Coors Light
  4. Miller Lite
  5. New Belgium


  1. Budweiser
  2. Bud Light
  3. Miller Lite
  4. Coors Light
  5. Heineken

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