It's easy to criticize what you don't understand. I think that is especially true when it comes to those who keep us safe by forecasting the weather in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa.

Over the years I've been able to experience just exactly how involved it is to forecast the midwest's weather. I have friends who have made their life's work utilizing and interpreting the science at hand, to keep us safe when bad weather breaks out.

A great example of this is when storms and tornadoes ripped through Sioux Falls on Sept. 10, 2019. Miraculously, there was no loss of life. There was lots of property damage. But many meteorologists were working hard leading up to the event to make sure we were getting the most up to the minute weather information.

Recently, some on social media have been finding fault and criticizing our local weather professionals. I asked my friend of many years Todd Heitkamp - Meteorologist in Charge at the Sioux Falls National Weather Service if they have been getting wind of this negativity? This is his response:

Criticism of our forecasts or even us as forecasters is nothing new. People have always made fun of what we do despite the facts showing how our service has improved through the years. I’ve always seen this as an opportunity to “educate” people how things have improved and how important our service is to their safety. The problem now is that our staff are only hearing from the vocal minority and so it would be great to hear from everyone. It’s always good to hear from those that appreciate what we do. As I’ve always said, We don’t make the weather - We just try to provide the best forecast so people can plan the activities that are important to them!

So what do you say? Do you appreciate all our weather folks do for us?

South Dakota Summer time weather

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