Every comedian knows that when telling a joke or pulling a prank, timing is everything.

When it comes to pulling April Fools Day pranks in a coronavirus world, some elaborate pranks might be considered in bad taste at a time like this.

Even Google, which has become the undisputed internet leader when it comes to cleaver April Fools Day pranks, has decided to sit this year out.

And it's absolutely not a good idea to pull any jokes or pranks dealing with coronavirus.  Those kinds of activities could land the joker in the clink.

Some countries are taking extreme measures to prevent corona pranks.  India, Thailand, and Germany all have strict penalties, including stiff fines and prison time, for those who commit coronavirus related jokes.

In the United States, several people have been arrested and charged with making terrorist threats after tampering with products in stores by either coughing, breathing or licking merchandise while making comments about coronavirus.

So what is the professional prankster to do?  Well, if you are stuck at home and looking for some ultra-safe pranks to pull on your family members, here are some good ideas.

They range from swapping out pictures of your family with pictures of Steve Buscemi all the way down to flatulence.  Because in a coronavirus world, even a good fart prank can still get a few laughs.

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