There has been a major hack of all Apple products. All Apple users need to update their iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Mac PCs, and laptops immediately.

The word is there is a zero-click, zero-day vulnerability in the iMessage app on your devices. It is being used to install Pegasus spyware.

An Israel-based cybersecurity group used a “zero-day, zero-click” exploit in the iMessage app’s code to infect a Saudi activist’s phone with Pegasus. Pegasus is a spyware program that can track all activity on a victim’s device and you'll have no idea it even happened.

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According to, “Normally, the affected user would have to download a malicious file, click a link, or install an infected app for a hacker to remotely install malware like Pegasus, but the Citizen Lab says NSO Group used the iMessage bug to send a totally invisible message laced with the malware to the activist’s phone, and Pegasus installed itself automatically.”

The Pegasus spyware gives the attacker almost complete access to your device which includes all of your personal data, photos, messages, location, etc.

To download and update your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch with the current updates go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Mac updates are available in the Apple menu under System Preferences > Software Update.

These are the firmware versions you will want to download to update and secure your devices:

  • iOS 14.8
  • iPadOS 14.8
  • watchOS 7.6.2
  • macOS Big Sur 11.6

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