I've been checking out this show called Moonshiners on The Discovery Channel.  Now, I'll be the first to admit that it looks more than a little 'put on.' The guys are out making moonshine for a living.  They're  hauling it around in the back of old pickups, digging pits in the middle of nowhere and basically breaking the law.

I like the show though.  It's a mix of biology and backwoods and it's kind of an intriguing half hour.  One of the things I like best is listening to their 'lingo,' and that includes some of their 'moonshiner handles or names.'  Check out this video from Pop Corn Sutton.

Be warned, Popcorn has a bit of an edge in the words he chooses.

That got me wondering what might be a good moonshine handle for me!  I'm JD Collins on their airwaves, but gots me to thinkin' I should have a moonshine 'handle.'  Then Roger called from south of Sioux Falls and came up with a great name!  Quart Jar Collins.  Great name huh?!  I though I could go by 'quart jar' or 'quart' for short.

So, what do you think?  Think there are any stills around these parts?  Lord knows law enforcement has meth labs to deal with but do you think anyone's making moonshine here in South Dakota? Wonder if someones workin' a still over on the Jim River, or out in the Black Hills!

Another one of my favorites from the show is Jim Tom.  He's quite the singer. Take a look at this video.  Oh, he's quite the singer too.

Till next time, Quart Jar Collins....out!