Yesterday I walked out to my backyard to water the flowers and fill the birdbath and noticed something I had never seen before. Not far away from the birdbath and other plants was this pile of feathers.

Just a circle of feathers on the grass and nothing else. I tried to do a little birdie CSI but could figure out what had taken place.

Unless a Morning Dove stripped down to the flesh and walked off I assume a bird was attacked by something. But there were no bones or other bird parts that were left at the crime scene.

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Our backyard is right in the middle of an east-side Sioux Falls neighborhood and totally enclosed with a 6-foot tall wooden fence. So no dogs or other bird attacking critters are able to get in.

We have had a lot of rabbits in the yard but recently I dissuaded them from chewing up our flowers and plants by sprinkling Cayenne pepper all over the grass. Not that the bunnies would smackdown on any birds, but other than songbirds and rabbits we haven't had any other wildlife frequenting our property.

My question is has anyone else in metro Sioux Falls seen something like this on their lawn? With all the talk of UFOs lately, I'm not ruling out an Avian abduction.

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