If you don't like pizza, you pretty much border on being un-American in my book.

I mean how can you not like pizza? With all the different varieties and combinations to choose from. I would think everyone should be able to come up with at least one pie they can wrap their mouth around.

For me, I'm a pepperoni guy. Thick crust with extra cheese, some black olives, that's what I call a heap of good eating.

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According to the folks at How to Cook Recipes, when it comes to pizza toppings, we South Dakotans like to pig out and bring home the bacon.

I concur, bacon tastes good on just about anything you put it on. Makes me think of that line from the movie "City Slickers" with Billy Crystal. "The man ate bacon at every meal. You can't do that!"

How to Cook Recipes based their article on "The Most Popular Pizza Topping In Each State."  What's unique about this particular report compared to all the other "What's Your Favorite Pizza" stories out there, is they limited this one too having to pick just one single topping.

That does tend to make things a little more challenging, especially when it comes to creating the absolute perfect pizza pie.

How to Cook Recipes used Google trends and their search interest scores to arrive at their findings for each state's poll.

It sounds like South Dakota is surrounded by people who love pepperoni, bacon, pineapple, and olives.

Both North Dakota and Wyoming claim pepperoni is their go-to pizza, while Minnesota prefers black olives, the folks in Iowa, are bacon lovers just like us, and the people of Nebraska say bring on the pineapple, please.

Myself, I don't get the whole pineapple on pizza thing, to me that's a big-time YUCK! And that's coming from someone who loves pineapple, just not on my pizza. Fruit doesn't belong on a pizza.

Believe it or not though, according to How to Cook Recipes various polls, pineapple, and pepperoni are America's two favorite toppings.

It's gotta be an acquired taste I'm thinking.

Source: How to Cook Recipes


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